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Advertising and printing services

SM Services offers complete advertising and printing services in Cluj-Napoca and other cities. The speed and quality of our services recommends SM Services as a trusted and reliable collaborator.

The products offered by us respond to various requests from advertising and printing field, and our desire is to provide always custom and unique solutions for each client.

1. Laser engraving

We believe that the image displayed by companies and institutions is very important: an impeccable image is designed to capture attention and to inspire confidence and reliability. Therefore we focus our laser engraving services around this idea. Laser engraving is a very precise technique that allows the development of elegant and durable items: badges, placards, trophies, photogravures, identification numbers, barcodes, display systems, identification plates and industrial gaskets.

2. Laser cutting

Any advertisement is mainly intended to popularize a brand or a service among potential customers. Therefore the visibility of a company is critical to its success. Damaged billboards or inoperative enlightened panels are anti-advertise. Therefore, SM Services always propose advertising solutions tailored to the environmental conditions in which they are located. Using laser cutting techniques, we realize dimensional letters and shapes in polystyrene, PVC or wood.

3. Digital Print and Cut

Any company or institution needs printings for internal activities (letterheads, printed forms, folders) but also for customer relationship (business cards, flyers, event invitations, posters, stickers).
Customizing cars with stickers is a very effective and popular method to promote a business, so we offer you also this service.
Security and safety is always a priority for any business, so we offer protecting foils for windows.

4. Serigraphy

This technique is particularly useful for customizing objects and is the best method for making gifts or promotional products for customers. Any idea you have, we are ready to put it into practice!


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